Web Design

Johns Software Pvt. Ltd. has been the foremost service provider for custom website designs especially for internet savvy entrepreneurs who can figure out the value of a strong and catchy internet/online presence. Possessing all the essential tools along with a high-spirited team, we have enabled our system to modernized services for web development. Development is the experience. We build Imaginative Custom Websites and creative competence of our experienced professionals who have crafted well over 200 web sites that adorn the web today. We can assure you to live up to your expectations by the virtue of cutting-edge tools and software that we use to come up with extraordinary websites, coupled with the loads of experience and creative input from our seasoned designers and developers.

Internet Marketing

Experienced and successful internet marketing professional are very much essential if you are to enjoy the full benefits that this kind of marketing can generate. At Johns Software Pvt. Ltd. we have well experienced professionals who are experts for internet and other marketing strategies. The cost for internet marketing we charge is also very less as compared to our competitors.

We also provide Banner advertisement Services for Google

Web Hosting

Which server should you host your site? It depends on the amount of space and bandwidth your site require, the kind of applications you plan to run and your budget. With all the choices out there, it can be hard to find the right host for your web site. We can help! Through our experience we can help you find the host that would meet your needs. We have our own hosting servers, both Linux and Windows NT based, located in USA and in India and we can get you the best deal at the best price without compromising service and dependability.

Search Engine Optimization

Our full-service Search Engine Marketing Strategies are designed to place your website directly in the path of your most highly qualified audience to drive new business and better leverage your existing web investment. We will be working according to milestones schedule planned. Your optimization fee is guaranteed to get your keyword phrases (you can provide us the keywords/we suggest keyword phrases on your request) on first page of Google.

Domain Registration

Every website to be visible over the internet needs a domain name so that their clients can easily navigate to these sites. You can select any domain name for your website. We at Johns Software Pvt. Ltd. provide you with the service for getting your required domain name registered. The complete process of registering your website is provided to our customers as a service for their ease and benefits. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. Technically, any name registered in the DNS is a domain name. Domain registration is the process of acquiring a domain name from a domain name registrar. Domain names serve as humanly memorable names for Internet participants, like computers, networks, and services. A domain name represents an Internet Protocol resource.

Responsive Websites

We would like to help you understand what exactly responsive website design is. When you visit a website on your desktop or laptop, you see the textual and graphic elements in proportion to the screen. Now if you visit the website on your smart phone or tab and if you see those elements in proportion to the size, this is known as ‘responsive web designing. These websites have been built considering the fact that a growing number of people are using smart phones and tablets on the go for surfing the internet. Johns Software Pvt. Ltd. is one of the responsive website design services in India that pays special attention to web development for this uncompromising need. We employ a range of latest web development technologies that help us create a seamless user experience for your clients.